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  • Casa Cabo de Vila / spaceworkers

    Cabo de vila is a house for a young couple that wanted a house that doesn't look like a regular house. When we first meet the place for the house, the approach to the location give us the central mote for the project. We wanted a shape that can fill the v...

  • Bramasole / Herbst Architects

    The site’s previous existence was a market garden with shelterbelts forming large outdoor rooms. Our client then planted part of the site with vineyards and fenced off paddocks for horses. He built a barn and a dressage arena. 


  • U38 House / OfficeAT

    he U38 house is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The 400 sqm house was designed for a couple and a child in the site next to the husband existing family house surrounded by typical suburban houses.



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