Types of Beds

Types of Beds

The most important thing that completes your bedroom is the bed. So that's the first thing that you want to choose, when you think of designing or redesigning your bedroom.
But with all those beds available at furniture stores you would probably have a hard time making your choice. Take a look at some trendy and sophisticated bed styles that you could choose from.

So you can't get yourself a palace in the city but you sure can feel like a princess in your bedroom. Get yourself a wooden bed with a beautifully carved headboard and legs.
Dark wood polish would give it that Indian antique look, taking you back to the times of the maharajas.
But remember, this kind of bed looks best in a spacious bedroom because they are quite large and usually dominate the room.
To complete the elegant look, drape your bed with silky bedsheets. But if you are not too sure about silk bedsheets, have  cotton ones below the day sheets.
The maharaja bed isn't really appropriate for a children's bedroom, as it tends to make the room look too formal.

Maharaja Bed 
Maharaja Bed
Platform Bed 
Platform Bed

If you like the casual look for your bedroom, then go Bohemian with platform bed. These trendy beds look great in both pinewood and a deep dark polished wood. Team a neutral coloured bedspread with lots of shiny brocade or embroidered pillows and cushions. The contrast is totally funky. Throw a rug on the floor to complete the look.
You can also go all sophisticated with raw silk fabrics in subtle colours like beige, creamy white and pastel shades too.

If your kids share a bedroom, a bunk bed would be just perfect.  Not only does it save space, but the kids will love taking turns to sleep on the upper bunk. But make sure that the upper bunk has a railing that is high enough so your little fellow doesn't roll off.
You also get cool theme bunk beds shaped like trains, sports cars and castles too... But your children may soon outgrow  kiddie themes. So if you don't want to change the bed too soon, stick to a simple design that will last longer.

Bunk Bed 
Bunk Bed
Wrought Iron Bed 
Wrought Iron Bed

Wrought iron beds come in a variety of designs that look extremely pretty. But the more elaborate the curves and corners, the more dust is likely to collect in them. So if your child is asthmatic or allergic to dust, make sure to clean it regularly.
Wrought iron beds are light and easy to move around in the room. But don't jump on the bed because the base may bend and result in backaches. Try having the base made of wood so that the bed is stronger and lasts longer.
You might land up spending quite a bit on wrought iron bed but don't expect too much if you plan on selling it later. The resale value of wrought iron furniture is really low.

Sofa cum beds are great space savers. If you have a one bedroom flat and your kids sleep in the hall, then this is a great option.
You can use it as a sofa all day and in the night you can turn it into a bed for the kids. It sure beats sleeping on the floor.

Sofa Cum Bed 
Sofa Cum Bed
Standard Wooden Bed 
Standard Wooden Bed

The regular wooden bed with a plain headboard is the best bet if you plan to change the feel of your room at a spur. You can cover them with any fabrics and do up the room around them. These beds are perfect for anyone and can fit into the look of every room. Get them with storage at the bottom for all your linen.

If you don't want to use a sofa cum bed, try a divan in your hall or bedroom. If you place it by the window, it makes a great place to read. And you can sleep on them too. So you know where that unexpected guest can crash in the night.
Make them look inviting by throwing on a lot of plush pillows and bolsters.

Four Poster Bed 
Four Poster Bed

Four-poster beds can add a feeling of luxury to any bedroom. If it has a frame on the top, you can drape beautiful lace sheers on it. But if that's too fancy, then just throw on baby net. You can get them in beautiful pastels to soften the look of the room. It is a great way to keep the mosquitoes out too.  Add soft yellow light to complete the look of absolute luxury.

Bed Sizes

Single or Twin Bed

A single bed is suitable for an individual. This is ideal for bachelors or guest rooms or or kids' room or if you have a servant room. 

The dimensions for a typical single bed are 36" X 75". 

Twin beds are nothing but single beds that are narrower and can fit into tiniest bedrooms. They are good choices for kids' room or guest room and often come as bunk beds or have 'trundle' fitted under them that can be pulled out to accommodate a sleepover friends. They are 39" wide and about 75" long. Their bedsheets are easily available but it may be too short for some adults. 

Extra long twin beds are 39" wide like a twin bed but is 80" in length to accommodate tall teenagers and adults and are favorite choices for college dorm rooms or attic rooms for singles. However, finding bedding for it can be bit of a headache. 

It is not necessary that 'standard' beds and bedding sizes is same everywhere so it is advisable to have the exact measurements with you for better fittings.
Double Bed or Full Bed

A double bed measures 54" X 75". So it is just one and a half times larger than a single bed. If you and/or your family members have a large body frame this is not the right choice for you. 

Double and full sized beds may be too short for some adults.
Queen Size bed

This measures around 60" X 78" and is larger than the double/full bed. This allows allow each person 30" of space, which is still much less than the one offered by the twin bed. However, couples often prefer to use it because it occupies less floor area and fit snugly into small master bedrooms of new couples or guest rooms.
Olympic Queen Size bed

An 'Olympic queen' bed is slightly bigger than the standard queen size but neither queen-sized not king-sized bedding will not fit it correctly.
King Size bed

Standard King bed or Eastern King bed is 76" wide and 80" long and allows for 38" of space per person for a couple, while California or Western King bed is 72" wide and 84" long, allowing 36" of width per person and more vertical space for taller persons. You can also opt for two extra-long twin beds instead on one standard sized king bed to allow greater versatility. You may need to search for right fit of sheets before buying one.

source - India home tips


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