How to Reduce Energy Cost of Air Conditioner

How to Reduce Energy Cost of Air Conditioner

Keeping a control over your AC's energy consumption might sound a monumental task, but trust us, it is not. Frequent intelligent cleaning sessions coupled with correct placement of units will ensure you've control over your your AC's power consumption. All air conditioner brands in India incorporate the energy efficiency ratio (EER) feature. A higher rating means you will pay less for energy in the long run to run the unit. Nevertheless, following these steps would ensure no sweat over bills.
To reduce energy cost, the first thing you need to do is clean the coils and filter. But before you do that, you need to unplug the unit and remove it from the window space you've fixed it. But be careful while removing. Dirty filters and coils indicate a strain on the compressor and fans to maintain cool temperature, which means they will in most likeliness fail prematurely to maintain cool temperature, thereby consuming more energy. This isn't back-breaking as you might have imagined! Imagine the maintenance costs you will save with this hands-on mission of yours.
Casual though it may seem, placing plants or a bonsai tree go a long way in lowering your electricity bills. Place shrubs or even one well-planted tree near the outdoor unit of your air conditioner (this would apply to both your window as well as split units). By doing this, you will see a dip in your bills by 10-25 percent than what you'd have got by placing the unit place in direct sun. Note that you don't end up blocking the airflow. 

It is important to install the outdoor unit of an air conditioner in a shaded spot on the north or east of your home. This is to prevent direct sunshine hitting the unit's outdoor heat exchanger decreases its working efficiency.
Shut the doors and windows to insulate the area where AC is functioning.
You should cover the windows with curtain or sunshade if they are of glass and sunlight can come in.
Star Rating

Star rating is a system initiated by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to determine the energy efficiency of home appliances including air-conditioners. Depending on their energy efficiency they are rated on a scale of 1 - 5 stars. Higher the number of stars, better is their energy efficiency. 

The energy efficiency of an AC depends on :
Cooling capacity (in watts)
Power consumption (in watts)

The cooling capacity or the energy efficiency should be kept in mind when purchasing an AC. 

The table below provides the band for star rating( Source:

Star Rating Minimum EER Maximum EER
1 star 2.3 2.49
2 star 2.5 2.69
3 star 2.7 2.89
4 star 2.9 3.09
5 star 3.1 ***

Source - India Home Tips


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