Mattress Buying Guide

Mattress Buying Guide

How do you choose a bedding to suit you?
A good mattress is essential for a good night's sleep and the energy you have throughout the next day. It also affects your posture. It's important to match a mattress to your sleeping style. We look at brands like Sleepwell, Kurlon, Godrej, Century, Duroflex and others and types like spring and foam that are available and how to get the online reviews and test them out.


Spring type contains a core of metal springs surrounded by foam and padding.
The springs

The springs should be of good quality as they support the weight of the person sleeping and also gives them the lifespan. 


There are various technical elements that spring ones are classified by:
1.) Number of Springs

It generally varies from 250 to 500 depending on the manufacturer, more number of springs means more support.
2.) Number of turns or coils in the springs

The more of this means better the support
3.) Thickness or gauge of the wire used

The lower the gauge, the more durable it is
4.) Way the springs are arranged

Some have extra rows of springs in the centre of the bed where most of the body weight is concentrated or at the sides, which are usually first to break down.
5.) Types of Springs

Bonnell springs

Bonnell springs are knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped wire coil. These are tied together with cross wire helicals to form a unitary block of springs
Continuous coil spring

These are made from a single piece of wire into several rows of springs
Open-ended springs

The springs are joined together by a wire network set up in the middle of each spring. This allows the top and bottom of each spring to move freely based on the weight placed on it.
Pocket springs or Marshall coils

They are thin-gauge, barrel-shaped, knotless coils individually encased in fabric pockets. 
This allows independent compression of the springs, even if the mattress covering them limits some of the springs' freedom of movement (these are the most expensive models and most comfortable) 

Different units use different types of spring systems, the main factor for choosing the system should be comfort. 
Some of the newer double-size spring units have separate 'areas' for each person, and may come with the option of having different firmnesses on each side which can be customized.This prevents movement on other side if on one side you are tossing and turning.
The padding

Whereas the springs give the support, the padding gives the comfort. The springs are essentially enclosed in a box of padding, to cushion your body from all those wires. The padding can make a big difference in price, because at the top end of the market more exotic - and comfortable - materials are used. These premium paddings include silk, wool, cashmere, premium foams, latex and goosedown. Cheaper materials include lower grades of foam, reclaimed cotton fibres and coconut fibre. 

Although it's possible to find some higher quality foam units, most of those available are not recommended for long term since they do not provide support to the spine. You may use this in spare bedrooms or guest rooms which are used sparingly.

Latex is an expensive option but do have benefits. They can last 25 years which is almost double the lifespan of a spring one. Those prone to allergies may sleep better as latex does not attract as many fungi and bugs as their foam padded cousins.Latex is natural and has good air circulation and temperature regulation.
Memory foam or visoelastic

Memory Foam or Viscoelastic Memory Foam or Viscoelastic

This special foam is made of dense,heat-sensitive material that reacts to your heat and weight and supports you evenly - no more pressure points and bedsores. It's called memory foam because it keeps your shape for a while after you get off it.

An inexpensive alternative, a futon is essentially a big heavy cushion. It's firmer than a mattress which makes it unsuitable for larger builds, but many people swear by them. It's quite common to find a futon that doubles as a couch, making it perfect for studio apartments and spare beds.

Like today's viscoelastic pieces, waterbeds claimed to be the perfect solution because they offered even support. That support depends on how full the unit is of water, so keep it topped up. Blissfully for couples, there are some waterbeds on the market that split the bed into two sleeping areas, reducing disturbance.

Coir is made from fiber of husk of coconut. Coir ones are made from these and are prevalent in India. There benefits of coir mattress are:
Heat and moisture resistant
Since fibers contain space there is good ventilation
Moth resistant
Good insulator hence in extreme temperatures is useful

TEMPUR material was originally based on NASA’s research to develop a material that would cushion aircraft seats and improve survivability in the event of an accident 

TEMPUR is an open celled visco-elastic, pressure relieving and temperature sensitive material that moulds to the exact contours of your body. Ordinary polyurethane material features irregular cell shapes that simply compress under weight. With TEMPUR, billions of open cells gently moves around the curves of your body giving you total support where you need it, with no counter pressure. When you lift your body off the TEMPUR Material it returns to its original shape. 

Tempur is a brand that sells these types in India.


The mattress should be a minimum of 6 inches longer than height of the tallest person

Lie down comfortably making use of a pillow and put your elbows behind your head . Your elbows should not touch your partner or go beyond the edge of the mattress. 

A clearance of 22 inches or more on the sides is recommended to allow for comfortable movement inside the room without bumping into furniture. 

If the bedding is for your kids, consider their increase in height in a few years.

Thin ones are cheaper but they become hard and uncomfortable easily. 
Too thick ones are cumbersome to move specially while cleaning. 
Considering both aspects it will be prudent to go for that with medium thickness of around 4-5 inches. 


The mattress should be adequately firm to support your back and keep your spine and neck in a proper way.
Medically Approved

Nowadays more types like Spinekare from Kurl-on, 100 D from Century, Crown from Duroflex and more from Springwel are medically approved. These cost more but are good for health and back support. 
There are approvals from organizations like Indian Spinal Injuries Centre which ensure these give right posture support when sleeping.
Other features

If you have respiratory diseases like asthma etc., look for a one that prevent dustmites and bacteria. There are types which allow sweat to disspate easily also. Fungus and bad odor do not settle in mattresses that are made to take care of these.

Get warranty protecting manufacturer defects. 




Common Name

72 84 California King
76 79.5 King
59 79.5 Queen
53 79.5 Double XL
53 74.5 Double
48 74.5 3/4
39 79.5 Twin XL
39 74.5 Twin
36 74.5 Single
30 74.5 Cot

You can also get custom made from brands with different sizes according to your needs.

The bed's base is very important aspect as it supports you and the mattress and hence defines longevity and comfort of your sleep system. There are several types of base, you can choose if you are also planning a new bed: Ensemble: It sits on top of a base that looks like a second mattress. The base of an ensemble will offer more support than others.
Slatted base: This base is a frame with wooden slats arranged from side to side. Slatted bases can come with 'posture slats' which aren't as firm as standard, solid wood.
Built-in base: This is a standard-looking spring, but it comes with a wooden frame already built in to the bottom. The frame has holes in it to screw legs into, meaning there's no need to buy another base.

A person sleeps on side, back or stomach. Different ones are suitable on how you sleep.
Stomach A firm one will keep your spine aligned.
Back For people sleeping on back the spine, back and neck needs to be supported. Hence an ideal mattress would be which aligns to the shape of the body. A mattress not too firm, neither too soft will be ideal in this case.
Side A softer type is ideal here as it supports the curve of the body.

It is very important as you will be sleeping on it for quiet some time. Hence comfort and longevity is an important factor that should be taken care.
Don't buy a mattress without lying on it. The firmness can be checked by lying only even though on touching the outer core might look firm. 
Other tips:
Lie in your normal sleeping position.
It should take your shape and support the entire body.
There should not be any space between you and the mattress. If you lie on your back, your spine should be aligned with your body, and there shouldn't be any gap where your back arches.
If you are buying the mattress for more than one person, check it out with them and see to it that you do not roll over.
Go to a shop and check out where there is enough stocks and range of brands kept.

Source - India Home Tips


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