8 Pro Design Moves for a Bold Bedroom You Haven't Tried Yet

8 Pro Design Moves for a Bold Bedroom You Haven't Tried Yet

Boring bedrooms are a bummer, particularly if you're hoping to create a relaxing space that also amps you up in the morning and sets you up for a great day. Try out some of the design details in your bedroom — they might be just what your space needs to push into bold territory.

1. Use paint to highlight a design feature
Especially in spaces that don't have a lot of architectural features to speak for, you can pair paint jobs with your own design elements to really create spaces that sing.

Erick's Modern Organic Burbank Mix
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2. Perfect balance
Balance is an underrated interior design principle in rooms, particularly in bedrooms. When done well, it can breathe sophistication and peace into a space. → Designer Secrets to Great Rooms: It's All About Balance.

Candace's Old World Home with Modern California Charm
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3. Use living room furniture
There are certain types of furniture we consider to be "bedroom" furniture, and certainly, you probably at least need an actual bed to use a room as a bedroom. But if you've got the room and the inclination, you can totally use "typical" living room furniture in a bedroom to give it a lot of interest (and maybe even function!).

Audrey's Cozy Industrial Soho Apartment
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4. Ace asymmetry
If you really like the idea of a minimal bedroom — a relaxing retreat that doesn't offer too much visual stimulation — use small, sparse art in an asymmetrical way. → Superpowered Style: Shake Up Your Look With Some Off-Center Art.

Sam & Christa's Mother-Daughter Masterpiece in West Hollywood
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5. Consider your bedroom vignettes
You don't often consider the bedroom as a spot to really incorporate vignettes in, but this powerful decorating tool can bring excitement and joy to a bedroom, too. → 9 Tips For Your Best Tabletop Vignettes Yet.

Jessica's Unbelievably Chic (and Colorful!) Edinburgh Flat House Call
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6. Splash bold color over large spaces
Don't be shy about color — don't just leave it to small accessories or even art. Pull out your favorite hues from an inspiration piece and incorporate really large design elements like curtains and rugs in bold colors.

Allison's Architecturally Charming Row Home House Call
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7. Master wall collages
Wall art collages are definitely a used trick in living rooms; a little rarer in bedrooms. But used in a bedroom, particularly in front of a boldly painted wall (and not only the wall behind your bed), you can really create an interesting and unusual focal point in a bedroom.

A Collector's Hollywood Bachelor Pad
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8. Add movement
There's something you can add to any room to make it feel full of life and dynamic. That's movement. And you can add movement by adding things that, well, move. A plant with leaves that gently sway when a fan is on or a window open. A set of wind chimes that make a little noise when someone walks by and creates a breeze. These sorts of small design details make a room feel animated and invigorating.

(Image credits: Nancy Mitchell; Bethany Nauert; Monica Wang; Cathy Pyle; Jessica Isaac; Jessica Buckley Interiors; Submitted by Allison)



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