Small Space Solutions: 10 Ways to Turn Your Small Kitchen into an Eat-In

Are you living with a tiny kitchen? And thinking that means no space to actually eat in your kitchen? Think again! Here are a handful of ideas and products that might just make an eat-in kitchen possible for you.

1. If you are short on space, get creative on where a table and chairs might go. Why not consider creating a window seat as in the kitchen shown above, from Studio Oink via The Style Files...

a DIY project for a simple little cafe area in your living room
offbeat + inspired
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2. ...or quite literally making one out of a window and a couple of seats...

Aaron's Astor Tower Apartment
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3. ...or, if your kitchen is still in planning phase, building one under the countertop...

The Duplex, Part 2: Jean & Dylan's Playful, Working Hideaway
The Duplex, Right Side: Jean & Dylan's Playful, Working Hideaway
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4. ...or even adding one to the back half of the countertop?

Haleigh's Parisian Kitchen
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5. The drop-leaf table has been the friend of small eat-ins for eons. Whether your style is classic...

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6. ...or more modern, there are plenty of drop-leaf tables out there to suit various needs and budgets. Where to start? Try IKEA's NORBERG wall mounted table (shown above), IKEA's other options, or our Best Drop-Leaf & Gateleg Tables roundup from last year.

Mark's Delightful (and Delicious!) West Village Home
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7. Or, forgo the table and pull barstools up to a kitchen island instead. The best thing to do in a super small space is make your furniture do double duty, right?

The Glitter Guide
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8. This kitchen island has built-in leg-room for chairs—awesome! This way, your legs aren't bopping against bowls of tomatoes as you eat, and the chairs have a place to go when dinner's all done.

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Wendell Property via Dagmara Stozek

9. Look for furniture that fits snugly into the space you have—in particular, chairs that can tuck right under the table. Nothing is worse in a tiny kitchen than a chair that you keep bumping into or a table you keep having to wiggle around.

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10. You might only be able to fit one or two chairs in your small eat-in kitchen. When you have guests, what will you do? Invest in folding chairs, or other double duty seating, and if you're super stuck for space, why not wall-mount them? These NISSE chairs from IKEA are only $14.99 each; for other low-cost folding chair options, check out The Kitchn's 5 Folding Chairs to Order Now.

Have a tiny, eat-in kitchen? How do you make it work? Share your wisdom below.

(Image credits: Studio Oink; offbeat + inspired; Jason Loper; Andie Powers; Leela Cyd; IKEA; Liana Hayles Newton; Jessie Webster for The Glitter Guide; Mikael Axelsson for Wendell Property; IKEA)


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