Styling Tricks to Steal from 8 Beautiful Living Rooms

Styling Tricks to Steal from 8 Beautiful Living Rooms

Stylists and decorators have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to making spaces beautiful — and interesting. From eight magazine-worthy interiors, here are a few tips that you can take home for your own space.

1. If you have room, pulling your furniture away from the wall can make conversational groupings seem cozier, and the room seem a lot more spacious.

2. Try replacing your coffee table with a smaller table, big enough to hold a book and a few drinks, that can move around the room. The space freed up by the coffee table will make your living room seem a lot bigger.

From Lovely Life via Apartment Therapy.
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3. A bookcase behind the sofa is a great way to add a little texture — and a little storage — to your living room. (Naturally, things you don't use as much go directly behind the couch.)

The lovely living room of Little Green Notebook's Jenny Komenda, spotted on Domino.
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4. Mixing old and new pieces is a great way to add energy to any room.

5. Balance heavier pieces with lighter ones to keep a space from feeling too clunky. The lighter pieces in this room — the coffee and side tables — provide a nice counterpoint the sofa and dresser.

Spotted on Metro Mode.
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7. Hang a picture ledge above your sofa for a statement-y look. If you get tired of your current pieces, you can easily switch them out.

The living room of stylist Emily Henderson, from her photo shoot for Domino.
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8. Color is the key to mixing a lot of things together in a harmonious way. There's a lot going on in this living room, but the preponderance of white keeps all the different elements from becoming too overwhelming.

9. Every room can benefit from a touch of gold.

From House to Home.
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10. Keeping everything low (including the art) is a great trick to make a room look bigger.

From Desire to Inspire.
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11. Hanging art off center will draw the eye to those piece(s) and add a touch of the unexpected.

A graphic designer's Houston home, from Lonny.
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12. Paired chairs don't have to match — try mixing two pieces from a similar era with different shapes.

13. When in doubt, add a little bit of black.

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(Image credits: Nordic Design; Lovely Life; Domino; Metro Mode; Domino; House to Home; Desire to Inspire; Lonny)


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