Kids Room

Kids Room

Every parent wants their little kids to have a space where they can play, learn and rest. While decorating kid’s room, think practically and go ahead with the plan of durable surfaces, effective storage, bright colors, whimsy chairs, comfortable and safe beds.

Also involve your kids in decision-making because kid’s room is not only a place to sleep for them but a space to play, study, read comics, spend time with parents and friends and listen to music. Here are some interesting tips for your kids’ room you can try them.

Use fascinating colors like greens, yellows and blues for painting the walls because these colors are less harsh than red and black. Pink color is the ultimate choice of girls while the boys like blue colors. 
Kids Room

Apply hand painted murals, cheaper options for carpets and area-rugs, wall stick-ups, framed arts, posters and accent rugs that can easily be changed at every stage of their development and are budget-friendly because kids’ requirements change much faster as they grow.
Use nontoxic paints and wallpaper patterns which are suitable for the nursery. 
Kids Room

Never use lead-based paints for anything in kid’s room as they are poisonous and babies tend to chew on everything they find.
Add an element of fun by introducing funny bathroom accessories like fluffy colorful towels, soap dishes and identical toothbrush holders with varying shapes and colors.   
Avoid any pointed or sharp ends and always opt for furniture and accessories that have smooth edges and are unbreakable.
Do not use any accessories that are small enough to be swallowed by the baby. 
Do not make the floor of kid’s room slippery.
Make straps for potty seats and other articles of furniture for the baby to avoid them from fall. 
Do not use floor lamps in kids room. Put all electricity switches, plugs and sockets high on the walls so that children could not reach them. Another option is to use electric sockets covers.
Kids room decoration

Do not use floor-length curtains because kids tend to make them swing and hang on it. In such cases, they may get injury by the fall.
Provide them enough storage space to store their toys, games and clothes.
Always plan to buy a safe bed for your child. Never think to buy bunk bed for the kids below six years.


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