First step to kitchen design 1

kitchen 1

 First step to kitchen design 

Things to pay attention before you buy a new kitchen ,make note of what you use in your present kitchen
and what works for your present kitchen then on that basis think of a suitable option to build your own kitchen.
one needs to have a precise plan as to what one wants in ones kitchen and then approaching a kitchen maker with 
a budget in mind so that your expenses dont go over the line which one has set in regards to expense for building a 
kitchen .

Pay attention to 

the style 

the layout

your lifestyle 

Kitchen  layouts  dictates 

where you place your appliances , countertops and storage 

will determine how cook friendly the kitchen is 

ask yourself 

will i have to walk far to get water to top off a pot on the stove 

will i have enough space to slice dice chop and otherwise 

Preparing meals 

will two or more cooks be able to work comfortably in the space without constantly bumping
into each other ,

do i prefer a range or a seperate cooktop and oven 

do i need a prep sink and a clean up sink 

do i need an eating area in the kitchen 

in case of remodelling your options will be limited .

image - Wiley and sons.


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