General Tips for Plumbing

General Tips for Plumbing

Slow draining sinks

If your sink drains are chronically slow and you live in an older house, the problem may be an accumulation of sludge in the lines. No amount of plunging and chemicals is going to fix this. What's needed is to climb up onto the roof of your house with a metal snake (preferably one with a business end looking a bit like a ballpeen hammer) and ram that snake down each of the drain lines, entering through the vent stacks, with a fair amount of force. It may require 50 or 100 motions for each stack.You can venture it yourself or call a plumber. You should also snake out any drain clean-outs you can find at ground level.
Tips on pipes

If you have a split pipe, instead of draining down the whole system you can buy 'pipe freeze', (I know this product is available in the UK but not sure about anywhere else), It comes with a jacket that you wrap around the pipe and you spray something very cold into it and it freezes the pipe for about 30-40 mins. Saving time and money.
Make sure you turn the water off at source before attempting to clear a blocked tap by taking it apart.


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